Pip Royal Jelly Junior ampoule 10x500mg

For children over 3 years of age with impaired defense abilities of the organism, for faster recovery and psychophysical state of the organism in a natural way.

Royal jelly with vitamin D, vitamin B complex and vitamin C from a natural source contribute to strengthening the immune system, stronger bones and teeth and proper growth and development. It strengthens cellular metabolism and stimulates appetite. For children since the age of 3.

Contains 6.8 mg 10-HDA in one ampoule!

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The most important and present only in royal jelly is unsaid fatty acid 10 hydroxsidecene acid (10-HDA). It is precisely because of 10-HDA royal jelly that numerous medicinal properties are attributed. 10-HDA in royal jelly is the most active parameter for determining the quality of royal jelly.

Usage mode: Children over 3 years of age 1 ampoule per day. It is recommended to use it for up to 90 days, after which a break of 30 days. Before opening the ampoule shake.

Proper opening: break off both tips in the designated place (above the glass in a vertical position, lower and upper) and pour the contents into a glass with a little water or fruit juice.

Warning: It is not recommended for people allergic to royal jelly and propolis.

Packaging: 10 ampoules volume 10ml


1 ampoule =10ml

fresh royal jelly


10 - HDA


propolis extract


copper (copper gluconate)

0.15mg (15% RDA*)

vitamin C

12.5mg (15.6% RDA)

vitamin B6

1mg (71.4% RDA)

vitamin B2

0.8mg (57.1% RDA)

vitamin B1

0.7mg (63.6% RDA)

vitamin B12

0.5μg (20% RDA)

vitamin D

0.75μg (15% RDA)

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