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Jamieson Calcium Magnesium Zinc 200 Tablets

Calcium is needed for healthy growth and preservation of healthy bones and teeth, promotes healthy regeneration and muscle activity.

Magnesium helps to alleviate fatigue and exhaustion, positively affects the mental state and optimal functioning of the nervous system and maintains the correct muscle tone.

Zinc contributes to strengthening the immune system, preserving good vision and bone, hair, nail and skin health. The product contains a combination of calcium Mega Cal and magnesium, which form the so-called The Krebs cycle (the process of producing energy in cells in our body) and allow for absorption that is unique on the market. Zinc helps support the immune system, stimulates reproductive activity.

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Calcium 333 mg
(carbonate complex, citrate, malata,
fumarata, sukcinata)

Magnesium 166.66 mg
(complex of oxides, citrates, malatas, fumarates,

Zinc (zinc gluconate) 16.66 mg

Quantity: 200 tablets.

Use: 2 tablets per day with a meal.

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