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Premium root powder gelatinized red kitty

for women and for prostate health in men.

Red gelatinized Mac powder packed in handy 5g bags which is also the recommended daily dose. For female fertility, libido and problems with enlarged prostate.

Gelatinized red is recommended:

  • prostate (benign hyperplasia)
  • menopausal acute disorders
  • pms acute symptoms
  • infertility in women (for men we recommend black kitty)
  • Osteoporosis
  • mood and fatigue (women)
  • skin and acne health

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How to consume red Mace powder? To begin with, it should be noted maca is food and you can not overdose, but... One of the factors you should consider is your body weight when starting to consume Mac powder. An optimal daily dose of 5g is recommended for females between 55 and 65kg and males between 70 and 85kg. We recommend starting with a daily dose of 5g or one bag and depending on physical activity, mental exertion, stress or other effort, you increase your dose.

Every day, preferably in the morning, half an hour before breakfast, you spread one bag of Maca in orange juice, lemon or your favorite smoothie. Ten minutes after application, you should not take liquid or food for more effective absorption of medicinal ingredients..

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