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Femmenessence Macapause capsules for menopausal women

Femmenessence MacaPause is an effective, safe and completely natural pathway to hormonal health of women. Intended for menopausal women and maintaining hormonal health after menopause.

In clinical research, as measured by the Green index, Femmenessence MacaLife® achieved an incredible success of 84% and was shown to:

  • reduces heat waves,
  • reduces night sweats,
  • reduces vaginal dryness,
  • helps improve mood and
  • increases energy levels.
MacaPause is intended for women after the age of 55.

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When hormones are produced properly and balancedly, your body more easily achieves physiological harmony, that is, the symptoms of menopause are shed, and more importantly, your overall health improves.

The beauty of The Femmenessence™ MacaPause® is that it works with your body by stimulating your endocrine system to balance levels of those most important hormones such as FSH, estrogen, LH and progesterone, and nothing is more natural than the hormones your own organism provides.

During this period of life, one in six women during menopause faces the fact that anxiety and waves of heat affect their working ability, and almost half of them admit that the symptoms of menopause have ruined their sex life.

MacaPause has a completely natural, safe and effective effect on these symptoms – they reduce heat waves, night sweats, dryness of intimate parts and stimulate libido. In addition, clinical studies have shown that Femmenessence promotes mood, heart and bone health, and increases energy levels.

Femmenessence MacaPause has been very thoroughly clinically studied for 3, 4 and 8 months. During the study, Natural Health International examined two key areas of postmenopausal women's health: postmenopausal-related symptoms and women's health problems such as hormonal imbalance, bone density, heart condition and overall health status.

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