Vitalia Magnezij kelirani kapsule 100 kom. View larger

Vitalia Magnesium keled capsules 100 pcs.

Vitalia Magnesium Kelirani contains 100% organic and highly bioavalisable chelate magnesium in the form of bisglicients, without added magnesium oxide. In this way, the absorption of magnesium into the body increases significantly.

Due to the extremely highabsorption, we recommend a daily dose of 189 mg (3 capsules per day vitalia magnesium direct) as the optimal dose. It contains magnesium that contributes to normal musclefunction , maintaining normal bones and teeth , electrolyte balance, normal protein synthesis and normal energy production metabolism. The product is additionally enriched with 5 vitamin B groups.

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Instructions for use: Once a day take three capsules with a glass of water. According to the recommendation of a pharmacist or doctor, a maximum of six capsules per day can be taken.

Dosing shape: Capsules, 100 pcs.

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