Biolectra MAGNESIUM Direct, 20 bags

Magnesium is recommended for muscle cramps, stress and tension, heart and blood vessel diseases, pregnancy and breastfeeding, practicing sports.

The normal, daily need for magnesium is about 300 to 400 million. The increased need for magnesium is manifested in young women, pregnant women, nursing women and the elderly. Supply below the lower limit can manifest itself in increased susceptibility to stress, reduction of resilience and fluctuations in general health status.

No sugar! Also suitable for diabetics. TASTE: ORANGE OR LEMON.

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Magnesium oxide 300mg, contents: 20 bags = 20 g.

The contents of one bag are shaken into the mouth, after which the micro granules dissolve quickly and completely, without taking fluids. Micro granules are packed in bags, and each bag contains 300 mg of magnesium. One pack contains 20 bags.

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