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Encian Artichoka 500 MX contributes to normal liver and bile function

Artichoka contributes to the normal function of the liver and bile. A powerful dose for liver health!

A traditional preparation for liver health and fat degradation. Artichoka stimulates the formation of bile and lowers cholesterol levels, which is important for people who eat fatty foods, but also to those who over-enjoy alcohol.

This product contains high-quality artichoke extract with 5% cynarin, the equivalent of 6180 mg of fresh artichoke leaf.

Benefits of Encian's Artichoke 500:

• The highest dose of artichoke on the market (as much as 500 mg)

• Pure extract, not significantly weaker powder

• Only 1 tablet per day is sufficient

• Best price, quantity and quality ratio

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The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body, tasked primarily with the breakdown of all harmful substances that we ingest through food, drink or for taking medications. Unfortunately, due to the large amount of poison, the liver sometimes can not function well and then serious health problems arise.

This applies in particular to people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol and people who regularly consume large amounts of medicines. Toxic stimuils can lead to liver damage and the appearance of diseases such as tumours, inflammatory changes, fibrosis and cirrhosis.

Artichoka is one of the oldest crops, which has been cultivated for millennia. Already in ancient times, its properties were known. Only leaves are used, in which the active ingredient cinarin is found. Encian's artichoke tablets consist of a high concentration of artichoke extract, actually so high that you only need 1 tablet a day, which is not offered by any other product on the market. Such pure extract is far more powerful than ordinary powder, which is also known to be found in such preparations.

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