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Premium root powder gelatinized black kitty

For higher energy levels and mental focus, fertility and libido in men, adaptation to stress.

Bio Powder BLACK Gelatinized (Gelatinized) Mace packed in practical bags of 5g which is also the recommended daily dose. For fertility and libido in men, athletes as well as for both sexes in search of a better mental focus.

Gelatinized black is recommended:

  • libido – traditional aphrodisiac
  • fertility in men (for women we recommend red kitty)
  • mental focus and concentration
  • adaptation to stress
  • Mood
  • strength and endurance

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189.00 kn

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BLACK KITTY is one of three types of Peruvian kitty, which differs from the other two species not only by its color, but also by its biochemical composition. The rarest is the cat variety, which makes up only 10% of the total harvest. Bioandina Crna Maca is gelatinized and with all other benefits obtained with the gelatinization process, it is 4 times more nutritionally concentrated than the raw black kitty powder that you can find on the market.

In relation to yellow, black has a higher concentration of macamides – specific chemical ingredients that, along with macaene, enable its beneficial effect on health, the organism, and above all on the endocrine system. Bioandina is 100% a natural dietary supplement!

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