Lactacyd Sensitive losion za intimnu njegu, 250ml View larger

Lactacyd ANTIFUNGAL Intimate Washing Gel

Intimate washing gel helps relieve discomfort caused by fungal infections. In case of fungal infection, gynecologists do not recommend the use of products with acidic pH value because the acidic environment allows the overgrowth of fungal organisms.

Lactacyd Antifungal helps to relieve itching, burning and irritation in case of fungal infections. Intimate care with mild alkaline pH 8, to reduce the reproduction of fungi, is enriched with antifungal ingredients and calendula extract that acts as a reliever and antimicotic.

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Maintains the natural balance of vaginal flora. It is intended for prevention, as an addition to the treatment of vaginal mycosis and help relieve discomfort. Content: 250 ml.

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