Hyalofemme vaginal vaginal vaginal dryness gel without hormones 30g

Hyalofemme is specially developed for women having insufficiently balanced levels of vaginal epithelial moisture, and are more likely to experience itching, inflammation and bacterial infections.

Hyalofemma reduces
vaginal dryness, increases lubrication, protects the mucous membrane from friction-induced injuries, accelerateswound healing, reactivates and regenerates the lining of the vaginal wall.

Studies have shown that the use of Hyalofemme gel once every three days significantly reduces the symptoms of burning, itching and inflammation caused by vaginal dryness, which contributes to a better quality of life of the beneficiaries. Hyalofemme does not have negative side effects on the vaginal environment, which makes it ideal for treating dryness.

Hyalofemme is a colorless gel that leaves no stains on clothes. It is easy to apply using the attached applicator every third day, and with optimal tolerability. Hyalofemme provides an instant feeling of comfort and freshness. It is compatible with the use of condoms.

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Hyalofemme can be used for vaginal dryness therapy caused by various factors: post-baby condition and breastfeeding; use of oral contraceptives; vaginal atrophy during peri- and post-menopausal (especially in women who do not take any hormonal preparations); as a side effect of medicines (medicines against high blood pressure or depression); stress and amenorrhea; excessive use of soap for intimate care, etc.

After pregnancy, the body needs time to return to its normal state. It is recommended to wait 6 weeks after natural childbirth before using Hyalofemme gel.

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