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Papilocare vaginal gel 7x5ml

Papilocare vaginal gel is a gel for reepitelization of the cervical transformation zone, to prevent and auxiliary treatment of lesions caused by HPV.

It is recommended for all HPV+ patients who do not yet have lesions, and in HPV+ patients with ASCUS or LSIL.

It contains seven active ingredients: niosome hyaluronic acid and - β glucans, phytosome gotu cola, bioEcolia prebiotic, aloe vera, medical fungus Coriolus versicolor and plant extract nim.

The latest encapsulation technology: niosomic and phytosomic forms represent the latest encapsulation technology that ensures improved bioavabability and targeted release of active substances.

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Odorless. pH=5. It facilitates sexual intercourse. Compatible with condoms.

Mode of action:
Papilocare vaginal gel enables the formation of a defensive barrier in the cervical transformation zone to prevent the risk of HPV integration, and improves healing processes when used to help treat intraepithelial lesions of the cervical and vaginal mucosa caused by HPV. It also helps establish a healthy vaginal microbiota as an important factor in warding off infection.

Method of administration: The total duration of therapy is six months. Therapy begins after menstruation. During the first month of administration it is used once a day (preferably before bedtime) for 21 days, followed by a break of seven days (during menstruation), and in the next five months they are applied every other day, also with breaks of seven days.

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