CANESBALANCE vaginal gel 7x5ml

The new Canesbalance vagina gel with lactic acid and glycogen is intended to effectively treat symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

Canesbalance guarantees a triple benefit:
1. eliminates unpleasant odor and healing,
2. Limits the growth of bad bacteria and
3. Supports good bacteria, which establish a natural environment in an intimate area.

Clinically proven to treat symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. Effectively eliminates unpleasant odor and draining as it establishes a pH balance. Simple and reliable treatment once a day.

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Canesbalance can also be used during pregnancy. Nevertheless, you need to see your doctor if you think you have a vaginal infection during pregnancy.

Method of use: Unscreat
the canesbalance applicator cover, sit or lie down comfortably and gently insert the applicator neck as deep as possible into the vagina. Squeeze out the contents of the applicator. Remove the tube and dispose of it.

The package contains 7 individual hygienic applicators with a daily dose.
The use is simple, and the symptoms are relieved after a few days. It does not contain preservatives.

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