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Vidermina Deligyn Intimate Care Cleansing Solution 300ml

Gentle cleaning solution intended for daily intimate care of the vaginal mucosa, which is susceptible to itching and burning.

Formulated on the basis of selected plant complexes with protective, soothing and refreshing action and neutralizes the "unpleasant smell".

To maintain intimate comfort in adults and children. Effective and in the period of menopause.
For the delicate mucous membrane of the vaginal membrane, which is susceptible to itching, redness and burning sensation.

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Vidermina Deligyn line is intended for sensitive vaginal mucosa that is susceptible to itching, redness and burning caused by changes in vaginal pH. With herbal extracts of arnika, marshmallow and aloe vera. Neutral pH value, ideal both in the paediatric period and in the menopause period.

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