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Vagisan Intimate Care Lotion, 200ml

The use of VAGISAN intimate care lotion reduces the risk of infections – vulvovaginitisi, as well as mycosis (candidiasis).

It does not irritate or dry out the skin of the genital area (the only lotion on the market that does not contain alcohol). Stabilizes the protective acidic layer of the skin on intimate parts of the body. It is produced on the basis of natural whey (contains natural albumin, amino acids, vitamins, minerals). It also contains lactic acid that maintains a pH value of 5.0. The addition of chamomile extract soothes the skin.

VAGISAN intimate care lotion can be used by women at any age, as well as during pregnancy. It has a pleasant smell and leads to a feeling of comfort on the skin.

Use: suitable for everyday use and can also be used during menstruation. On the moisturized skin of the genital area it is enough to apply a few drops of lotion.

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