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pharmas prenatas capsules with folic acid and iron, 30 pcs.

PrenataS - for a carefree pregnancy and a healthy baby! A unique formula with an active form of folic acid and microcapsulate iron for pregnant, nursing and pregnant women planning a pregnancy.

Quatrefolic – an active form of folic acid
Folic acid is one of the most important nutrients at the time of pregnancy planning because it reduces the risk of developing a deformation of the neural tube in the development of the fetus. Quatrefolic® ensures a higher concentration of active folate in the blood than ordinary folic acid because it is immediately in active shape and can be used completely by the organism immediately.

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Microcapsulated iron (AB-Fortis) - Specially designed forms of iron (micro-absorbed with the help of the latest technology) that are characterized by high bioavaility (entering systemic circulation after consumption by mouth) and high stability in the body. In doing so, they are deprived of the metallic taste that certain conventional iron preparations possess and, in addition, microencapsulated preparations do not cause interference in the gastrointestinal tract.

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