Omron MicroAir U100 Inhaler

Omron MicroAIR U100 inhaler is a unique portable inhaler with MESH technology.

It effectively treats a wide range of respiratory conditions from simple cough to asthma. Unlike traditional inhalers, it is transferable, runs on batteries (4 hours) and is practically silent. It allows you to take the medicine wherever and whenever you need it.

  • The device's mindlessness allows discreet use
  • It does not make loud and frightening noises, allowing for peaceful treatment if you use the device on your sleeping child
  • Easy to use with one button
  • Widespread medical use
  • Easy assembly, easy preparation

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185,50 €

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The length of operation is up to approximately 4 hours with the use of only two AA/LR6 batteries. Your medicine can always be at your fingertips, no matter where you go or what you do. The inhaler is very practical for children or adults who suffer from allergies or asthma and need therapy always by their side. In MicroAIR U100, aerosol is created by retifling the liquid drug through tiny mesh holes made of metal alloy. This is achieved by the action of a vibrating element made of titanium that oscillates at high frequency. The device allows inhalation at different angles with stable spraying. You can even use it in bed or on babies/children you hold on your hands.

Small in size but with MESH technology that allows greater efficiency compared to other inhalers, thanks to the larger out-way aerosols (2.3) Helps treat respiratory conditions of the lower respiratory tract as they are: bronchitis, bronchiolitis, asthma and COPD.

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