Compressor inhaler for children Omron Nami Cat

The Omron design of the Nami Cat compressor inhaler is child-friendly and helps the parent to get the child more easily used to their inhaler and its application. Its powerful Omron compressor provides the effective treatment they need. Specially designed to make it easier for a child to apply an inhaler.


  • Inhalation rate: Approximately 0.35 ml/min
  • Aerosol release rate: 0.06 ml/min (2 ml, 1% NaF)
  • Particle size (MMAD): 3.4 μm
  • Noise level (dB): 58 dB
  • Appropriate quantities of the drug: From 2 ml min. up to 12 ml max

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Changing seasons increases the risk of respiratory disorders in children. Inhalers are widely used all over the world to relieve respiratory problems. Pediatricians and pulmonologists often recommend inhalers, but they often look very medical. Omron has therefore developed a child-friendly beautiful-looking inhaler: OMRON Nami Cat.

This inhaler helps children recover more easily and is likeable for children. Cute on the outside. Strong on the inside. When a child has an unpleasant cough or difficulty breathing, OMRON Nami Cat is a sweet, gentle and effectively designed medical device that can help relieve respiratory problems.

Additional medical equipment:

  • Inhaler kit
  • Adult mask (PVC)
  • Child mask (PVC)
  • Lip Extension
  • Adapter
  • Air pipe (PVC, 100 cm)
  • Warranty: 3 years

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