Compressor inhaler for children Omron C801 KD

Omron compressor inhaler is specially adapted to the child. Small in size and extremely easy to use.

The cheerful design of the inhaler, almost flawless work and the toy that comes with it will make the inhalation more comfortable for the child.

Effective inhalation technology allows maximum utilization of the drug even when your child is not breathing in a coordinated way.

It can be used by infants, babies and children of all ages.

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625,00 kn

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Inhaler fully adapted to the child, cheerful design. Easily transferable and very easy to use, it allows maximum utilization of the drug even when the child is not breathing coordinated. V.V.T. hash technology. Small, light and easily portable, quiet work that the child will not be afraid of.

In the package comes a mask for the child and an infant mask. It can also be used by adults with the purchase of an adult mask.

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