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Apimel honey Apipropol – for immunity

A mixture of honey, floral powder and vitamin C.

Apipropol improves overall health and acts invigorating in all types of physical and mental efforts. The main ingredient of this honey is flower powder, a well-known source of minerals, vitamins and proteins that can be found in nature.

Flower powder as a "life-residual" of most plant species, contains almost everything for the life of the necessary nutrients. The high protein content in which all essential amino acids are represented, and minerals, especially K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Si and P, make it a top food.

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Flower powder :It is rich in B vitamins, vitamins P and H and beta carotene. Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system and to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. Thanks to this composition, APIPROPOL honey improves general health and has a restorant effect on all types of physical and mental efforts.

Packing: 250g.

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