Apimel med Excelsa – za dišne organe 250g View larger

Apimel honey - for respiratory organs

A mixture of honey and tincture of plant mixture.

Excelsa honey contains essential oils from young shoots of spruce, anesh fruits and thyme leaves and flowers that, in combination with honey, facilitate breathing and relieve respiratory diseases.

Thyme stimulates sexual function and will help people suffering from sexual disorders and also in neurosis, depression and alcoholism. It soothes a strong cough, facilitates coughing and prevents the spread of inflammation. It stimulates and regulates menstruation and is also used in the treatment of insomnia, anemia, migraines and kidney disease.

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Thyme: Thyme is a plant that has many beneficial effects on the human body. It is a great stimulant for psychophysical functions and has different applications. It is an excellent antiseptic for internal and urogenital organs. It tastes bitter but its flowers have a strong but pleasant scent. This plant that grows from 20 to 30 cm abounds in iron, calcium and other medicinal ingredients found in its leaves and flowers.

Packing: 250g.

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