Manuka honey MGO 400+, 250g

MGO 400+ Manuka honey is certified to contain at least 400mg/kg of methychlyglioxal! The higher the content of methychlyglioxal, the greater the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action.

Manuka honey is effective as an auxiliary therapy in:
  • - Peptic ulcer / especially that caused by pylori helicobacteria
  • Indigestion including irritable bowel syndrome
  • Infected wounds, skin damage and skin ulcers
  • Bacterial and viral infections, colds and flu
  • Strengthening immunity during illness and recovery

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Methylglioxal is found in significant quantities only in some Manuka honeys, and the level can vary greatly, so testing and certification of each batch of products is important because it guarantees the content of methychlyglioxal.

Each batch of MGO Manuka honey is tested and certified, the quality and content of methychlyglioxal is guaranteed as indicated on the product label.

Manuka MED is a unique, New Zealand monofloral honey.
It is obtained from the flower of the autochthonous plant manuka bush (lat. Leptospermum scoparium) containing a high proportion of methychlyglioxal (MGO).
It has an excellent taste - native Maori have been using it for various purposes for centuries. This honey is specific because of its aromatic smell and taste, but primarily because of its unique composition, which has been confirmed in a number of scientific studies. Specifically, manuka honey contains methylopexal, a substance attributed to strong antibacterial action.
Manuka honey can be used by all except infants under 12 months of age and people allergic to bee products.
It is recommended to take 1-3 teaspoons /5-15g/ honey per day. Honey is better to dissolve in the mouth half an hour before or immediately after eating.
Manuka Health produces honey of exceptional purity and therefore a high content of the substance, METHYLGLIOXALA, which is not present in any other type of honey to this extent.

Purpose of Manuka honey of different strength, content of MGO:
- MGO 100+ for disease prevention and health maintenance
- MGO 250+ for minor chronic disorders, e.g. reflux or indigestion
- MGO 550+ the most potent Manuka product with extremely high content of Methylboxal - 550mg / kg.

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