Venovin Natural Circulation Drink 750ml

WHY USE VENOVIN? Plant species support the norman function of the circulatory system, stimulate relaxation, help maintain cardio vascular function and blood vessel health and significantly reduce the risk factor in the development of cardiovascular diseases. It contains nettle that supports the health of veins, contributes to venous circulation, can contribute to reducing the feeling of heavy and tired legs.

Venovin contains a mixture of medicinal herbs with red wine (0% alcohol). The latest research suggests that moderate consumption of red wine supports cardio-protective effects and acts anti-carcinogenic.

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Red wine itself has more than 600 ingredients that extracted with a mixture of medicinal plants increase the elasticity of blood vessels. In addition to red wine in the production of Venovin, plant raw materials were used; dry leaves and nettle root, dry calendula flower, dry lemon balm leaf, dry green agrimony, thyme and lungs.

Plant species that enter the composition of Venovin have been thoroughly chemically tested and contain resveratrol, ether oil, phenols, tannin, flavonoids, catechins, phytosterols, vitamins and other chemical compounds.


Calendula flower officinalis 1500 mg, Lemon Balm Leaf (Mellisa officinalis) 1500 mg, Common Turkey Plant (Agrimonia eupatoria) 1500 mg, Plant stolisnik (Achillea millefolium) 1500 mg, Thyme plant (Thymus serpullum) 1200 mg, Nettle root (Urtica stock) 750 mg, Nettle leaf (Urtica stock) 750 mg, Lung plant (Pulmonaria officinalis) 450 mg.

TIME OF ACTION: During the use of veins, the feeling of objective improvement begins to be felt after 10 to 15 days.

Warning: Venovin is not recommended for children under 18 years of age, pregnant and nursing women. It is not recommended to take it longer than 4 weeks in continuity. People taking the medicines should consult a doctor before using Venovin.

NOTE: While taking Venovin should be moderately eaten, avoid acidic, fatty and excessively salty foods. Be sure to avoid taking alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

PACKAGING: 750 ml.

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