Odorless Coconut Oil Organic 1000ml Jar

Nutrigold certified organic coconut oil without odor is derived from a food raw material that is not treated with pesticides and other chemicals that reduce the number of pests and increase yields.

It is obtained by drying and processing coconut meat. It is considered one of the healthiest oils and has cosmetic and nutritional applications. The oil is in a solid state and at temperatures higher than 25°C it becomes liquid.

Odorless organic coconut oil:

  • It's naturally gluten-free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Contains no cholesterol, hydrolysed fats, emulsifiers, preservatives, artificial dyes and flavorings

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Nutrigold organic coconut oil without a smell as the most significant ingredient contains saturated fatty acids. Their number in this oil is higher than in all other dietary oils. The most important of the fatty acids it contains are:

  • lauric acid that reduces the amount of total cholesterol in the ratio to HDL cholesterol
  • capril and capron acid that support the formation of good bacteria in the body, especially in the digestive tract

Due to the extremely stable molecular structure, odorless organic coconut oil can be heated multiple times without its quality changing. This is also the greatest advantage of this oil, it can be reused (after straining) for cooking and baking, and no harmful and toxic substances are created in it.

It is used in the production of natural soaps, creams and other natural cosmetics, for massage and for skin and hair care.

Ingredients: 100% coconut oil from certified organic farming.

Usage: Organic coconut oil is used in the household for cooking, breading, frying and other forms of food preparation. You can change any recipe containing fat and use organic coconut oil in exchange.

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