Psyllium Veneers 500g

Psyllium is ideal for indigestion.

Natural help with constipation and problems with the digestive system. It has no adverse effect on health, does not destroy microflora and there are no disorders in digestion and bowel function.

Psyllium can help with inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes, idiopathic inflammatory bowel diseases (Kron's disease), chronic constipation, lazy intestines, regulation of stool consistency in bone fracture of the same, and diarrhea of a nonbacterial nature.

It can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but it is still recommended to use it with pre-preceding advice from a doctor. It can also be used for a longer period without adverse effects on the body.

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It is not recommended for people who use cholesterol medicines, diabetes and people who have obstructions in the digestive system.

Psyllium known as Indian Planer, is a year-old plant that grows in Southern Europe, Asia Minor and India. It is rich in fiber, lipids, unsatissed fatty acids, iridoids and contains a lot of mucus. It is for this reason that it is also known as a plant that solves prisons. Although the primary function is laxative, it is also recommended to calm diarrhea. Due to the mild effect it has on the human intestinal flora, it is also used in patients with pelvic trauma to regulate stool consistency.

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