Coconut oil odorless 1000ml jar

100% purity, no chemicals, s strained coconut oil.

Below 25 degrees Celsius it is thick and white like fat, while warming gradually becomes a transparent oil.

It is completely flavorless and odorless, especially good can be used in the kitchen. Its main characteristic is an extremely stable molecular structure, which does not change even due to multiple heating. It is also one of the greatest advantages of coconut oil, as it can be repeatedly used (after straining) for cooking and baking, as no harmful and toxic substances are created in it.

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A few more arguments in favor of coconut oil:

  • during cooking and baking, free radicals are not formed in it that damage cells, as with other baking oils
  • contains no trans fats that cause atherosclerosis
  • strengthens immunity, is nutritious, easy to convert into energy, but not thicker
  • does not burden the body

Coconut oil for cosmetic purposes: It nourishes the body and skin, destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses, slows aging, protects against harmful UV radiation, permanently hydrates and is quickly absorbed.

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