Anti-sweating crystal stone 50g

A natural mineral that, after application, allows normal sweating (does not close pores) and removes unpleasant odors caused by the action of bacteria on excreted sweat.

Prevents sweating throughout the day, acts neutral, odorless, mild peeling improves skin breathing.

It allows young skin to fully assume its obligation, and allows pores cleaned of dead cells to breathe.

Eliminates the layer of excreted fat on the skin(reducesbacteria's nutrient base) – that is why it is recommended especially for the young population in puberty, i.e. it is recommended to the young population in puberty. period of intensive development accompanied by increased skin cleansing, substance exchange and gland action.

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Recommendation to use: It is applied to washed skin. Previously, it is necessary to soak it in lukewarm water to achieve the surface solusibility of the crystal. Use gentle, circular motions to the desired location.

It is also suitable for skin care of the legs, which suffers the devastating effect of bacteria due to sweating and condensation of moisture (unpleasant odor, skin damage, wounds...). It effectively affects the skin of the groin, which during prolonged sitting, warm weather and sweating secretes unpleasant odors, itches and peels off. Crystal stone nourishes the skin and makes it resistant to external influences.

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