Becutan shampoo for children 200ml

Becutan shampoo does not contain soap, has only a mild effect that does not irritate and does not cause tearing of the eyes. It gently nourishes children's hair, softens it and allows for easier combing, while giving it a silky glow.

• The product has been clinically tested.
• It was developed in collaboration with dermatologists and pediatricians.
• Due to its mild formula, it is also recommended for frequent hair washing at all ages.
• Custom pH value.
• Does not contain soap.
• Does not contain alcohol.

• For bathing your baby the ideal water temperature is 36oC. The recommended temperature of the room is 22-24oC.
• After bathing, gently soak the water from the baby's hair and body with a soft frothy cloth.
• Enjoy while bathing your child, these are moments of joy and bonding.

4,11 €

J.M. 1 l = 20,56 €

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