Nailner pencil against nail fungus

The new Nailner pencil contains an active nail lightening substance that ensures the first visible improvement after only 7 days.

Nailner pencil 2 in 1 proven to effectively remove fungi on nails. Thanks to the innovative application system Nailner penetrates deep into the structure of the nail plate and lowers the pH value. An acidic environment is formed that stops the spread of fungi on the nails.

• brightens the yellow part of the nail plate
• eliminates fungal nail infections
• prevents re-infection
• nourishes the nail

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The nutrients contained in Nailner moisturize the nail and thus additionally provide beautiful and well-groomed nails. Thanks to the active lightening substance, Nailner provides an improvement that is visible after 7 days.
  • Apply nailner on clean and dry nails.
  • Before each use, remove any remnants of cosmetic nail polish.
  • The solution must cover the entire surface of the nail plate.
  • Wait at least 1 to 2 minutes for the solution to fully absorb into the nail.
  • Nailner can be used on toenails or legs.
  • After applying nailner to the nail, you can apply cosmetic varnish.

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