Nailner nail polish against nail fungus

Nailner lacquer 2 in 1 is used in fungal nail infections and quickly improves the appearance of the nail plate.

Eliminates fungal nail infections - by penetrating through layers of keratin and lowering the pH value of the infected nail nail, Nailner creates an unfavorable environment for fungi and consequently removes them.

Improvement visible after 7 days - Nailner varnish contains a lightening ingredient that improves the appearance of an infected nail plate in just 7 days.

Scattering is not necessary - Nailer contains a moisturizer that nourishes and improves the dried appearance of the damaged nail plate. No spread is required before use.

The product contains a lightening ingredient that quickly improves the appearance of the infected nail plate.

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How to use: Before each application, clean the nail and remove the nail polish. Before use, nail splitting is not necessary. For the first 4 weeks of use, apply varnish twice a day. Continue with one application per day until a healthy nail outgrows the injured part. Apply the solution to the entire surface of the nail plate, and also under the front free edge. After each use, close the container well.

Nail varnish 2 in 1 contains a sufficient amount of solution for approximately 300 applications.

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