Wartner Anti-Nipple Pencil with TCA Gel

Previous acid treatments only give results after prolonged use, and their application is often not easy. Wartner anti-nipple pencil was developed with the aim of completely removing ordinary warts and warts on the feet in the short term using the traditional method of applying acids and an innovative applicator easy to use.

This innovative pencil allows chemical peeling based on trichlorooacic acid to effectively remove ordinary warts and warts on the feet in the short term and without the risk of scarring.

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Easy 4-step application:

  1. Hold the pencil vertically, with the tip facing down. Slowly turn the tip of the pen clockwise for the product to come out.
  2. Wait from 3 to 5 seconds for the gel to reach the tip of the pen. Then carefully apply the gel on the ordinary nipple or nipple on the foot (avoid surrounding healthy skin).
  3. Wait 10 to 15 minutes before dressing or dressing to dry the gel. Before the first application, it is sometimes necessary to turn the tip several times to get out a sufficient amount of product.

Apply the product twice a day, four days in a row, then take a four-day break. If necessary, repeat the treatment up to four times (one drop of gel is enough for one application). If the nipple is small (the size of the tip of the needle), apply the gel only once a day.

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