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Milupa Aptamil Comfort 1

Aptamil Comfort 1 with prebiotics and LCP is a highly adapted hypoallergenic dairy food intended for infants with indigestion (cramps, bloating, constipation) within the first 6 months.

Ensures the complete nutritional needs of the child. The main carbohydrate is lactose (100% whey hydrolysate), containing starch.

Infants, especially in the first months of their lives, have a sensitive intestinal tract because their digestive functions are still maturing. This is shown in the form of stomach cramps (colic), crying, constipation or other signs of discomfort. Aptamil Comfort 1 is a dense food specially designed for pleasant digestion and overall satisfaction of your infant.

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If you use Aptamil Comfort 1, you will notice that your infant's stool is softer and lighter in colour compared to the stool of those infants who feed on other infant formulas.

Aptamil Comfort 1 is specially manufactured to meet all the nutritional needs of your infant in the first six months of his life. After 6 months it is recommended to gradually replace Aptamil Comfort 1 with the Formula Aptamil Comfort 2.

It does not contain: crystal sugar, β-carotene or gluten.

Packaging: 400 g.

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