Babymil 2, 300g

Babymil 2 is a transitional dairy formula for infants, adapted to the nutritional needs of infants in the second half of infant age. It has a high nutritional and biological value, very good tolerability and usability.

With its composition and structure it differs from Baby 1, especially in the composition of carbohydrates. In addition to milk sugar, lactose (a carbohydrate in breast milk), it also contains starch, which slowly breaks down, so in the baby's tummy it causes a feeling of fullness and satiety (restful sleep).

It is enriched with iodine (important for proper thyroid function) and iron to prevent anemia (especially important at age after 6 months), vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and B group vitamins necessary for muscle, skin and bone formation, intestinal function, infection protection and allergy prevention.

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Babymil 2 is used as part of a varied and mixed infant diet, so it can be prepared as a standalone dairy meal (an infant of 6 months of age drinks on average about 200 ml of milk per serving) or as a basis for preparing a variety of dishes in combination with fruits, vegetables and/or cereals.

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