Babymile 1, 300g

Babymil 1 is the initial dairy formula for infants, which completely replaces breast milk if the mother is unable to breastfeed. It contains all the most important ingredients necessary for the child's development.

Every parent's wish is for his baby to be healthy, to progress nicely, grow and develop into a happy and healthy child.

Since the nutritional value of Babyminus (data on the packaging) is known, with each prepared bottle you know how much energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins your baby has received. So you can monitor its progress and growth (increase in body mass and length, development of motor functions, restful sleep).

Babymil 1 is enriched with iron to prevent anemia, contains minerals and vitamins necessary for the growth of infants.

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6,63 €

J.M. 1 kg = 18,98 €

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Protein content is fully adapted to the specific needs of infants at the earliest age (optimal ratio of casein to whey), lactose is the only carbohydrate (modeled after breast milk).

Lactose is a milk sugar (the only carbohydrate in breast milk) and is a very important source of energy for the infant. It is broken down by lactase enzymes in the small intestine to simple carbohydrates, essential for starting metabolism and producing energy.

Another important source of energy in Bebimil 1 are fats, which contain all the essential fatty acids necessary for the child's growth.

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