Lansinoh Hand Breast Pump

Lansinoh manual breast pump is a portable and convenient pump for occasional use at home or on the road.

The pump has a special ComfortSeal pad that perfectly adheres to the breast and allows for comfortable and effective breast betrayal. The ergonomically shaped handle does not burden the wrist of the hand at all, allowing efficient pumping with one hand to a rhythm that mimics the child's tapping.

Lightweight, compact – doesn't need batteries or a power outlet. The vial cover prevents it from capsing, and on the trip, as a protective cover, it ensures hygiene.

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47,49 €

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Effective: Quiet. It adheres perfectly and thus ensures a fast milk supply. It closes in an instant.

Comfortable: The ComfortSeal pad gently clings to the chest allowing for reliable breasting. Ergonomic handle for easy use with one hand.

Practical: It is easy to assemble and easy to clean with the included brush. Allows pumping into most standard vials from our market.

Safe: Made of polypropylene - the material most suitable for storing breast milk, which does not contain bisphenol A. Suitable for machine washing.

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