Eucerin DERMOPURE Refreshing Face Lotion

Eucerin DERMOPURE refreshing facial lotion is specially designed for oily and acidic skin and for slightly to moderately prone acne skin. It is suitable for skin prone to all kinds of acne as acne vulgaris.

Cleanses the skin and helps prevent acne. Intensively cleanses the skin and T-zone and other problem areas.

The formula with lactic acid cleanses pores, hydrates and prepares the skin to better absorb ingredients from care.

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15,27 €

J.M. 1 l = 68,09 €

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Cleanses and prepares the skin for later care. The active antibacterial formula contains with 2% lactic acid that gently opens pores without draining the skin, reducing the number of bacteria without draining the skin. It is especially effective in cleaning the T-zone and other problem areas. Eucerin DERMOPURE refreshing face lotion can be used in pregnancy, but not with the usual acne therapy.

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