Vitalia Oculo plus capsules, 30 pcs.

Oculo plus is recommended for all people who strain their eyes intensified, read or work on a computer for a long time, the elderly, women and people with light skin and blue eyes, especially if there is a family preference for macular degeneration.

Action: Lutein and zeaxanthin, natural pigments contained in the macula, protect the eye and can reduce the risk of macula and eye cataract degeneration. Blueberry extract as a powerful antioxidant stimulates the restoration of the visual pigment of rhodopsin and preserves capillaries.

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Composition: One capsule contains 100 mg of FloraGLO Lutein granules with 5 % crystal lutein and 0.2 % zeaxanthin from kadifica flowers and 25 mg of dry blueberry extract with 25 % anthocyanosides.
Visual disturbances, tired eyes, age-old macular degeneration.
Contraindications, side effects, interactions:
1 capsule per day.

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