Bepanthol eye drops 20 x 0.5ml

For dry eyes and the feeling of sand in your eyes.

Bepanthol eye drops soothing and protect dry eyes. Eye drops moisturize, maintain and protect the surface of the eyes. They help to restore the so-called dry film and thereby prevent unpleasant symptoms of dry eyes.

Bepanthol eye drops create a sterile, elastic, translucent protective film on the cornea. Drops do not contain preservatives. They are made from natural biological substances such as sodium salt hyaluronic acid, which, due to its physical characteristics on the cornea, creates an even, stable and stable protective film, which does not reduce the abilities of vision.

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Bepanthol eye drops contain provitamin B5 (dexpantenol) with a high water binding capacity, which also refreshes and nourishes the eye. Thus, dexpantenol together with sodium hyaluronate effectively moisturizes the eyes.

The eyes will be calm and protected.

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