Totalcare salt lens solution 120ml

TotalCare solutions for disinfection, storage and wetting. Complete care of semi-hard (gas-permeable) and hard contact lenses.

Disinfection: Leave the lenses in TOTAL CARE™ disinfectant/storage/rinse solution for at least six hours (or overnight) to ensure complete disinfection. Store them in a closed container until reused.

Hold: You can store the lenses in a closed container for up to 30 days. If you keep them longer, disinfect them again before use. Rinse the lenses with ™ with a disinfectant/storage/rinse solution and place on your eyes. Discard the solution used and rinse the container with a fresh TOTAL CARE™ disinfectant/storage/rinse solution and allow to air dry.

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Humidification: For humidification, drop one to two drops of TOTALCARE™ disinfectant/storage/moisturizing solution on the inner surface of each contact lens before placing it on the eyes.

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