Otosan ear hygiene seal, 2 pcs.

OTOSAN® ear tug enhances the natural defense mechanism of the ear and prevents the accumulation of excess ear fat, which can cause buzzing, beeching and other unpleasant sounds inside the ear, uneven pressure in the ears, decrease in hearing quality, as well as a feeling of blockage in the ears.

The heat released by burning OTOSAN® gently penetrates the auditory canal, softening the ear ointment, thanks to propolis fumes, enhances the natural defenses of the ear. Heat stimulates acupuncture points and stimulates blood circulation, creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

The released heat creates an undercoat inside the ear and an ascending SUSIS at the base of the seal. This effect of the fireplace, known in physics as the "Venturi effect", allows you to remove impurities, water residues and other deposits from the auditory canal. It equalizes the pressure in the ears after diving, flying a plane or staying in the mountains.

The package contains 2 OTOSAN® seals.

6,93 €

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