Cerustop Oil Ear Spray 10ml

Oil spray for cleaning the ear with deep action. It is used to remove excessive or hardened body fat (cerumen), to prevent inflammation of the sound.

What is CERUSTOP SPRAY used for – ear oil?
  • To dissolve and remove excessive or hardened body fat
  • To prevent inflammation of the sound
  • For cleaning the earlobe and soundad
  • It's scattering into the sound of it. Penetrates into the anus, softens it and allows it to be easily removed
  • Hardened ear ointment can weaken hearing and cause inflammation of the sounds, and therefore should be regularly removed

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CERUSTOP spray – ear oil can be used in pregnancy and breastfeeding period. It is intended for adults and children over 3 years of age.

How is CERUSTOP SPRAY used – ear oil?

To remove excessive or hardened ear fat, it is recommended to spray 2 to 3 pressures of lukewarm (room temperature) CERUSTOP spray – ear oil (in adults) and 1 to 2 spray sprays (in children) into sounds. To prevent oil leakage, close the ear with a smaller piece of cotton wool. The wadding must be loosely invested and should not be pushed into the sound by pressing! After about 10 minutes carefully rinse the ear with warm water, and if possible rinse with a hand shower. In case of stronger pollution, it is recommended to repeat the procedure. For additional cleaning, spray several cerustop spray pressures – ear oil heated to body temperature into a piece of cotton wool and wipe the earlobe several times to remove ear fat, dirt and dead cells. Then wipe your ear with a dry handkerchief. After rinsing with water, it is recommended to use NORMISON ear spray to dry faster and restore the natural acidic protective robe of the skin of the outer sound.

When should CERUSTOP spray - ear oil not be used?
- When hypersensitivity (allergy) to one of the ingredients of the product,
- In case of inflammation of the sound or perforated eardrum (holes in the eardrum).

Specific warnings for safe use
CERUSTOP spray - ear oil is not a cure! When suffering from ear pain or extremely hard and firm corks of the earwax (cerumen) must be sought the help of a doctor!
No foreign bodies (e.g. ear sticks) should be included in the sound!
Always keep the bottle well closed out of the reach of children!

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