Aqua Maris Classic Nasal Spray 30ml

Aqua Maris dosing nasal spray is used for moisturizing and hygiene of the nasal mucosa, as well as to maintain normal passability of the upper respiratory tract.

Sea water due to its mineral salt content and a large number of oligoelements has a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the airways. The functioning of the nasal mucosa and normal breathing depends on the humidity of the mucous membranes. Aqua Maris is applied preventively to moisturize the nasal mucosa, prevent the formation of impurities deposits and to maintain normal passability of the upper respiratory tract.

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It is recommended to soften already accumulated impurities and facilitate their removal mechanically, to maintain the physiological characteristics of the nasal mucosa in modified microclimate conditions, such as extreme dryness (air-conditioned spaces) or air pollution, in case of sudden changes in temperature and air quality (e.g. during travel).

Due to its tenderness, it is suitable for everyday use. Since the Aqua Maris spray supports the physiological state of the mucous membranes and has no systemic effects, it is suitable for children and adults. It can also be used in pregnant and nursing women and older people.

Aqua Maris nasal spray provides optimal and gentle spraying, evenly distributed in the nose. No preservatives or additives.

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