Aqua Maris Clean nasal spray 125ml

100% NATURAL NASAL SPRAY! Isotonic sea water washes bacteria, viruses and impurities from the nose and allows the upper airways to pass.

The solution contains sea water from the Adriatic, rich in salts and oligoelements. Oligoelements present in the solution play an important role in maintaining the normal function of the nasal mucosa, which allows the upper respiratory tract to pass.

Due to its tenderness, it is also suitable for everyday use as an aid in maintaining the passability of the nose. Since Clean Aqua Maris physiological condition and has no systemic effects, it is suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women.

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How to use: Spray Aqua Maris Clean into each nostril 1-2 times, several times a day (2-6 times), as needed and more often. After application, rinse the applicator and dry it.

Aqua Maris Clean washes secretions, dust particles, bacteria, viruses and nose allergens with a specially designed applicator. It is recommended for people with colds and allergies and people exposed to dust particles and other impurities.

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