Sinomarin Babies bottles, 18x5 ml

Sinomarin Babies is a 100% natural, clinically proven nasal decodestant. It is a hypertonic solution of seawater (2.3% NaCl), rich in beneficial marine ingredients (mineral salts and trace elements).

Sinomarin Babies relieves nasal congestion (nasal congestion) and increased pressure in the sinuses via the natural osmosis mechanism. In addition, Sinomarin Babies helps moisten and clean the nasal cavities, removing accumulated mucus, crustaceans, dust, debris, impurities, allergens and infectious substances.

  • for active removal of accumulated mucus and cleaning of the nasal cavity
  • for all types of nasal and sinus congestion, e.g. rhinitis (infectious or allergic) and sinuitis; for colds and flu
  • to prevent secondary ORL infections and complications, e.g. otitis
  • for daily hygiene and prophylaxis
  • to help with recovery after endonasal surgery
  • for hydration in a dry environment

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COMPOSITION: Seawater 70%, purified water 30%, corresponding to 23 g/L NaCl (2.3%). It does not contain preservatives. It contains no medication. No chemical additives. 100% natural.


  • wipe the baby's nose before Sinomarin Babies
  • Scrape one bottle off the tape
  • turn the tip to open the vial
  • place the baby in a laid position, turning its head to the right
  • insert the top of the vial carefully into the left nostril and press to release the desired amount of
  • turn the baby's head to the opposite side and repeat the application in the other nosts
  • If necessary, repeat the procedure
  • remove the vial from the baby's nostril, return the baby to an upright position, leaving the solution to act for a few seconds, then wipe the baby's nose or use an aspirator to remove mucus
PRECAUTIONS: Only for nasal use. Each vial is for single use only. Do not use after the expiry date. Keep out of the reach of children.

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