Otosan Nasal Nasal Nas care spray, 30ml

Natural multifaceted action for thorough cleaning of the nasal cavities and decongestive effect:

- seawater (concentrate): cleans and has a soothing effect

- Glycerin blackcurrant extract: it has a soothing and antioxidant effect

- Dry extract ALOE VERA: protective, moisturizing and healing action

- Mountain pine essential oil (PINUS MUGO): has a beneficial effect on

- Tea tree essential oil (MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA, TEA TREE) from organic farming: anti-infectious

- organic lemon essential oil: it has a purifying effect

Hypertonic solution of 2.2% sea water from Brittany enriched with natural herbal extracts of ALOE VERA and blackcurrant, and essential oil of mountain pine, tea tree (TEA TREE) and lemon.

Thanks to the fact that it does not contain vasoconstrictors, and the natural action of plant extracts and essential oils of natural origin, OTOSAN NASAL SPRAY is an extremely tolerant product whose frequent use does not lead to addiction and risk of the appearance of "medical rhinitis".


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