GLY Treatment with Concentrated Drops + Active Cream

Suitable for problematic skin, mixed skin type or mature skin (without couperose).

GLYCOLIC ACID acts on the cells of the cholenal layer of the epidermis by gently removing the surface layers. In this way, a slight exfoliation is achieved, which allows the surface of the skin to be restored.


Choose Active Face Cream: H1, H2 or H3 ?

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Which dermoactive cream to choose?

- Emulsion with low gradation of nutrients, suitable for skin that physiologically already has a sufficient amount of lipids. STRONG moisturizing effect improves skin tone.

- Emulsion with balanced gradation of nutrients and moisturizers. Suitable for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin that needs a STRONG nourishing and moisturizing effect.

- Emulsion with high gradation of nutrients. Suitable for very dehydrated, thin, mature skin that needs ULTRA NOURISHING and REVITALIZING effects.

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