Veroval digital pressure gauter for the upper arm

Fully automatic blood pressure measurement, easy and intuitive handling!

The large screen for easy reading of measured values, recognizes and displays disorders of the heart rhythm (arrhythmia). Simple analysis of measured values with the help of a light signal system.

Comfortable ergonomic universal cuff with integrated cuff position check.

Easily save data using Veroval medi.connect software. Data can be combined with all devices Veroval, e.g. a scale and an activity tracker. USB cable turned on.

Warranty: 3 years.

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80,36 €

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Exceptional quality of pressure gamhier measurements for the upper arm Veroval has been proven and confirmed by the European Hypertension Association and granted its seal of approval.

This innovative device from the Veroval ® with Comfort Air technology ensures comfortable pressure measurement. The first measurement requires an inflatable of up to 190 mmHg. For all subsequent measurements, the inflating pressure is individually adjusted based on previously measured blood pressure values. This allows for more comfortable measurement on the upper arm.

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