Fig liquid fig and plum preparation, 150mL

Fig liquid fig and plum preparation is recommended for children, pregnant women and elderly people in slow digestion problems when it is desirable to establish normal bowel function.

Slow digestion is one of the most common problems of today. Common causes are: improper nutrition, insufficient movement, and intake of too little liquid. Women, pregnant women, elderly people and diabetics are more likely to suffer from slow digestion.

Application method: Use the attached dosing cup to apply it. Children take 5 ml in the evening. Pregnant and nursing women take 15 ml in the evening. Adults take 15 to 30 ml in the evening.

Fig - a liquid preparation of figs and plums is taken in the evening to act during the night and bring pleasant relief the next morning.

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Figs are a rich source of dietary fiber, and a high proportion make fiber soluble in water. This type of fiber has a beneficial effect on the regulation of digestion. Dry figs have three times the amount of magnesium minerals from fresh figs, which contributes to their positive effect on digestion. Magnesium is one of the key factors that protects the body from the harmful effects of psychological stress.

Prunes contain as many as three ingredients that contribute to proper digestion:

  • high proportion of insoluble dietary fibres, which are probably the key to constipation prevention. Insoluble fibers can not be degraded in the digestive system, so in it they remain, bind water to themselves and make the stool more voluminous, which facilitates passage through the intestine.
  • sorbitol, a natural sugar that also has the ability to absorb water and thus helps to eliminate constipation.
  • dihydroxyphenyne-izatin, a substance that promotes bowel contractions, which is an essential process for regular bowel movements.

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