TurboLax bags in irregular digestion

TurboLax Plus is a enhanced TurboLax formula with lactol and TurboLax Complex with improved solubility. This dietary supplement is a source of dietary fiber and thanks to its active ingredients increases the frequency of stools without causing cramps.

It is recommended for irregular digestion. To achieve a softer and more frequent stool.

The action of TurboLax Plus is based on 2 active ingredients:

  • lactitol
  • TurboLax® Complex with Magnesium and Inulin

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TurboLax Plus bags with dissolving powder

Two (2) bags contain:


% PU**


10 g


TurboLax® Complex

Inulin People's

3,342 g



500 mg


**recommended daily intake; recommended daily intake has not been established


Lactitol contributes to the normal functioning of the intestines by increasing the frequency of stools. A beneficial effect is achieved by consuming 10 g of lactitol in one daily dose. Lactitol has an osmotic effect – by pulling water into the colon, the stool becomes softer, which accelerates and facilitates digestion and contributes to the emptying of the until then blocked intestinal content. TurboLax® Plus is used to achieve more frequent and softer chairs. It is available in two practical forms: powder bags and effervescent tablets.


TURBOLAX PLUS BAGS Content two (2) bags put in a glass, add 2 dl of water and mix well until melted. Drink freshly prepared, best in the evening.

SAFETY OF APPLICATION: TurboLax Plus has a reliable but gentle effect and does not cause cramps. TurboLax Plus is designed for adults. In case of chronic constipation, it is recommended to pay attention to eating habits, physical activity and taking enough fluids. *compared to the previous formula with lactulose.

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