Esi Aloe Vera Massima Forza SUPER SOK 1l

To regulate the acidity of gastric juice and generally have a beneficial effect on digestive processes and activity of digestive organs.

ALOE VERA ESI "MASSIMA FORZA" BEVERAGE is produced from pure gel obtained by lame pressing of the inner parenhim part of the LEAF REAL ALOE barbadensis Miller, without the ingredients of the bark. As a raw material, aloe-gel is rich in a number of valuable nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and polysaccharides.

This preparation does not contain sugar and can also be used by diabetics.

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Application method:: Take 25 ml of the drink 1 - 3 times a day (up to 75 ml in total per day). Measure the quantity with a scooper attached to the bottle cap. The beverage can be taken clean or diluted in water, fruit juice or tea (best in a ratio of 1:5).

Unopened store at room temperature up to 25 C. After opening the bottle, store the beverage in the refrigerator and use the contents within a month.

1000 ml, in a bottle with a dosing scoout attached.

Studies have confirmed that aloe gel, an ingredient in the inner part of the leaf of real aloe (Aloe barbadensis Miller) has a beneficial effect on detoxification of the organism. The effect of this ingredient on regulating the acidity of gastric juice and the generally beneficial effect on digestive processes and digestive activity have also been confirmed. Thanks to numerous ingredients, real aloe improves the exchange of substances and, above all, enriches the diet with valuable nutrients from a natural source. This product is standardized to 7000 mg of polysaccharides in 1000 ml of pure aloe gel, making it a valuable raw material for the production of beverages. Such a high amount of the active ingredient is preserved thanks to the method of production: manual processing, quick refrigeration in order to preserve useful ingredients and then cold pressing. It is these procedures that ensure the highest quality of the raw material and then the finished product.

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