Anti-dandrh shampoo that regulates the microbiome and removes 100% visible dandr dandries. For men and women who suffer from dandryer and/or itching and who have dry hair.

Microbiome technology with selenium DS* has proven to restore balance to the microbiome of the skin of the head (these are microorganisms found naturally on the skin). The skin of the head becomes healthy again: the danshut is gone, the itching is alleviated.

During the first application, leave on for 2 minutes, then rinse.

During subsequent shampooing, massage slightly, after that rinse-treatment lasts 4 weeks. In case of eye contact, rinse them immediately.

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18,75 €

J.M. 1 l = 88,31 €

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Finally with a scent that evokes pleasure. Thanks to the combination of this type of formula and new perfume, high quality, not only is the hidden smell of an active base with selenium DS, but washing hair itself becomes a moment of true enjoyment: 2 out of 3 subjects claim that the smell of the new DERCOS formula is more pleasant than the smell of products they used before!

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